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Qingdao Red Butterfly Precision Materials Co.,Ltd is a leading Sino-Japanese Barium salts manufacturer with a registered capital of RMB180 million,was jointly established by Qingdao Red Star Chemical Group Co.,Ltd.and Chori Co., June 2014,which is located at No.1,Haiwan Road,Xinhe Eco-chemical science and technology industry base,Qingdao,China.
We have obtained ISO9001 Quality Management System,ISO14001 Environmental Management System,OHSAS18001 Occupation Health and Safety Management System Certificate and the GMP Certificate.
We make full use of Japan’s advanced management,technology and talents,relying on honor of Red Star as“Barium King of the World”and“Strontium King of Asia”to create a world-class high-end R&D Base and Production Base for Barium Salts.
The production capacity and technical level have been increased year by year.
In 2017,we were awarded the“Specialized and Innovative”Demonstration Enterprise.
In 2018,we were praised as the National High-Tech Enterprise
Our main products are Barium Hydroxide,Barium Nitrate,Barium Chloride,Industrial Barium Sulfate,Medicinal Barium Sulfate etc.
As the largest producer of Barium Hydroxide/Barium Nitrate and the first manufacturer of Barium Hydroxide Monohydrate in China,we have provided the products for the large plastic stabilizers and electronics companies throughout the world.
Our products are sold well in Japan,Europe,the United States,Korea,South Africa,Southeast Asian countries and other countries.
Welcome to visit us and order your required products.
Business Purpose:customer satisfaction is our work standard.


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