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Medicinal Barium Sulfate

Chemical Formula:BaSO4<br/>
Features:Our Medicinal Barium Sulfate accounts for 95%of the domestic market share.<br/>
Application:Used as diagnostic medicine clinically and used for gastrointestinal X-ray radiography.<br/>
Note:We have obtained the drug production license and GMP certificate certification.<br/>

High Purity Barium Carbonate


Barium chloride

Chemical formula:BaCl2·2H2O<br/>
Features:white crystal or powder,soluble in water,slightly soluble in hydrochloric acid and nitric acid,sealed storage;highly toxic!<br/>
Application:Used in analytical agent,dehydrating agent,barium salt,electronic,instrument and metallurgical industries.<br/>

Liquid Chemical Fiber Barium Sulfate

Chemical formula:BaSO4<br/>
Features:It has become a substitute for foreign barium sulfate for chemical fiber and has filled in the blank in China and has been verified by the actual use of the manufacturer.The high quality can be comparable with foreign products.After special organic coating treatment,the product has high whiteness and no impurities,The particle size distribution is uniform and narrow,and the dispersion is excellent.It can effectively disperse in the polyester system,improve the processability of polyester fiber,reduce the fiber breakage rate,improve the dyeability,spinnability and tensile strength of the fiber,and make the polyester chip and fiber show excellent optical properties,which can reach the specification of the real chemical fiber grade barium sulfate.<br/>
Application:Used in chemical fiber polyester and color master batch etc.<br/>
Packaging:according to the needs of customers to provide packaging.<br/>

Modified Super Fine Barium Sulfate

Chemical formula:BaSO4<br/>
Features:Using the advanced modification technology to coat the surface of barium sulfate,which makes it have the characteristics of high whiteness,uniform particle size distribution,ultra-low iron content and good fluidity.All control indexes are higher than the requirements of the same products in the same industry.In the application process,it has good compatibility and dispersion with the matrix of the processed products,which can effectively improve the surface gloss and mechanical strength of the user's products.The weather resistance of the product can be improved by absorbing X-ray and gamma ray.The characteristics of modified barium sulfate and ultra-fine barium sulfate are combined.<br/>
Application:It can be used as high-grade filler and body pigment,widely used in high-grade automobile paint,high-grade powder coating,high gloss PP,engineering plastics,ink,rubber,electronics and other high-grade products.<br/>
Packaging:woven plastic bags lined with plastic film bags or kraft paper bags,net weight 25kg/bag,can be packaged according to user requirements.<br/>

Precipitated Barium Sulfate

Chemical formula:BaSO4<br/>
Features:With the characteristics of high purity and low content of barium sulfate.In the application process,it has good compatibility and dispersion with other media systems,and can effectively control the surface gloss and mechanical strength of user products.Due to the absorption of X-ray and gamma ray,it can improve the weather resistance of the product.<br/>
Application:Used in paint,ink,coating,plastic,rubber,engineering plastics,friction plate,ceramics,glass,electronics,cosmetics and other fields.<br/>
Packaging:plastic woven bags lined with plastic film bags or paper plastic composite bags,net weight 25kg/bag,and can be packaged according to user’s requirements.<br/>
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