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Welcome to Qingdao Red Butterfly Precision Materials Co.,Ltd!
Qingdao Red Butterfly Precision Materials Co.,Ltd is a new company but we have taken advantage in the chemical industries,especially in Barium Salts of the world currently.
We integrate the world high quality Barium Nitrate,Barium Hydroxide,Barium Sulfate,Barium Chloride and so on.We always pay attention to the product research and development,combined with Qingdao current"Three-Innovation",doing our best to create a guest center,enhance the corporate image and make contributions for the society!
Red Star shines brightly,Red Butterfly spreads the flying wings.Filled with youth and vitality,Red Butterfly Precision Materials Co.,Ltd will inherit the fine tradition of Red Star Chemical Group.
We are looking forward to forming successful business relationships with clients around the world in the future.
Chairman:Liu zhilong

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Qingdao Red Butterfly Precision Materials Co., Ltd

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