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Qingdao Red Butterfly Precision Materials Co., Ltd. was established under the background of the relocation and transformation of enterprises at the old town of Qingdao. In August 2013, according to the requirements of the municipal government, some of the subsidiaries of Red Star in Qingdao were included in the 12th batch of enterprises in the old town of the city in the relocation transformation plan. According to the plan, Red Star Chemical Factory, Dongfeng Chemical Co., Ltd. and the chemical products of Zili Industries Co., Ltd. have to be relocated to the Xinhe Ecological Chemical Industry Base in Pingdu. The company covers an area of 100 mu. It is a Sino-Japanese joint venture with a registered capital of RMB 100 million, co-founded by the subsidiaries of Red Star Group - Qingdao Chemical Research Institute, Dongfeng Chemical Co., Ltd., and Zili Industries Co., Ltd., in cooperation with the Japanese company Chori Co., Ltd. The company opened on March 30, 2015.

The company takes full advantage of the advanced management, technology and talents of the Japanese company, and relies on the aura of Red Star as a "King of Barium in The World and the King of Strontium in Asia", to create a world-class high-end R & D base and production of barium salts(incubators) with distinctive characteristics of Red Star. The company's main products and production capacities are as follows: 2,000 tons/year medicinal barium sulfate, 7,000 tons/year ultra-fine barium sulfate, 15,000 tons/year electronic-grade high-purity barium hydroxide, 5,000 tons/year electronic-grade high-purity barium nitrate and 2,000 tons/year stearate, of which the medicinal barium sulfate accounts for 95% of the domestic market share, ranking first in China (started in 1942); the electronic-grade high-purity octahydrate accounts for 80% of the international market share. The company can realize an annual sales income of RMB 380 million and a total profit of RMB 50 million. Red Star Group will step into a new stage on the development path of high, precision and frontier technologies!

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